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***Welcome to One-SouL of truE frieNshiP***

Group Founder: win1980
Description: ***Welcome to all new friend, this ONE-SOUL mean 4friendship, and here u can find games, wallpaper, themes downloads,uploading, and sharing pics.. and making many friend with all around the can enjoy chat with decent members.. its all for you guys.. join us******
Group Type: Public join
Members: 1753
Category: Romance & Relationships > Romance

Topics (574)

go LOVE! (7) omarabdi
OH!All friends i have aquestion all of you,Your idea what is LOVE?Can someone DIE for love?

go (((NAME OF MOVIE))) [306] win1980 down here the name of movie you ever watch before..

go ::MOOD:: [1125] benzu05
rap.gifFrndz How is ur m0od right n0w?

go First love (2) nayarabbas
People say one can never forget his/her first love for whole of his life wpgat u say comment please

go The Winx is C0ming! (0) winxxx
Hello PRO PEOPLE! Lets just see whos still alive in this group aftr the Big St0rm Attacked...nope! Im just kidding guys...just post ur tots here if u like..anything..


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1 hello
2 happy weekend
3 hai_glitter_graphics_07
4 good_day_graphics_01
5 Happy Monday


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go Angry bird game enjoy friends
go Rossa-ayat-ayat cinta
go Tringo (240x320)
go 3D Sudoku (240x320)
go World Championship Trick Soccer 2008 (240x320)


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go who is the 44th president of united state of america?
go What girl like most?
go What do you plan for your first baby?
go Who arshad75 loves?
go which tv show u like most